Weslo Momentum CT 3.8 Elliptical

The CT 3.8 Elliptical is an upgrade to the 3.0, but it’s still a difficult product to recommend. This cross trainer has a 12” stride and two built-in workout programs. Unlike the 3.0, it displays RPMs and has a thumbprint heart rate monitor on the console.

Elliptical Hits: Positive Features of the Weslo CT 3.8 Elliptical

  • Small footprint The CT 3.8 measures approximately 44”Lx21”W, so it qualifies as a compact elliptical.
  • Heart rate monitor – A contact heart rate monitor helps people exercise at the best pace for efficient cardio training.
  • Upper body workout – The movable handlebars can help people double their rate of calorie expenditure.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Avoid the Weslo CT 3.8 Momentum

The Weslo CT 3.8 elliptical rates lower than others for several reasons:

  • Squeaks – Weslo customers are expected to frequently grease their ellipticals. Without frequent maintenance, the machines become unbearably noisy.
  • Very short stride – This machine has an uncommonly short stride length of 12”. Most elliptical trainers, including discount elliptical trainers, have at least 18” strides.
  • Few programs – The CT 3.8 has two personal trainer workout programs. Other budget brands offer significantly more variety.
  • Just the basics – As discount elliptical trainers, Weslo machines do not include extras such as incline ramps or built-in sound systems.
  • Poor warranty – The CT 3.8, like other Weslo ellipticals, has a short 90-day warranty for parts and labor.

Overall Rating for the Weslo CT 3.8 Elliptical

Like the Weslo 3.0, the 3.8 has an unusually short stride that defeats the purpose of using an elliptical trainer. Furthermore, the machine weighs less than 90 pounds and is unlikely to support

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larger users without wobbling. The combination of unimpressive features and a poor warranty make this product difficult to recommend.

Your best bet with the Weslo brand might be the Momentum 730, which has an 18” stride. The 1100 HRA by Eclipse is also a good competitor in this price range.