Weslo Momentum 610 Elliptical

The Weslo Momentum 610 is a discount cross trainer with a short stride. Weslo ellipticals in general are not known for their durability, and the 610 can only be expected to work well for a short while.

Elliptical Hits: Positive Features of the Weslo 610 Elliptical

  • Small footprint The 610 takes up relatively little floor space.

  • Heart rate monitor – A heart rate monitor helps users to get the best cardiovascular results from their workouts. However, the 610’s monitor takes a pulse from the thumb, which is less convenient than taking a pulse through handgrips or a wireless monitor.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Avoid Weslo 610 Ellipticals

The Weslo 610 rates lower than other ellipticals in several ways:

  • Low capacity – The 610’s advertised capacity is 250 pounds, but the machine is wobbly for some users who weigh less than that.
  • Few programs – The 610 only has two workout programs. Other budget brands such as Eclipse offer more variety, as do some other Weslo machines.

  • Just the basics – Weslo machines do not include extras such as incline ramps or built-in sound systems.
  • Poor resistance – This machine has manual resistance. This noticeably limits the intensity of workouts.
  • Poor warranty – The Momentum 610, like other Weslo ellipticals, has a short 90-day warranty for parts and labor.

Overall Rating for the Weslo Momentum 610 Elliptical

Weslo ellipticals are clearly entry-level fitness machines. If you’re not very heavy and have a shorter stride, then the 610 might be a fine way to begin your elliptical training. With time, however, you’ll probably want an upgrade; manual resistance limits a person’s progress.

It might be wiser to spend a bit more in the first place. For cheap ellipticals, your best bet with Weslo could be the Momentum 730. The 1100 HRA by Eclipse is also a good competitor in this price range.