Vision Suspension IS7100 HRT Elliptical

The Vision Suspension 7100HRT elliptical is available with Deluxe and Premier consoles. Each console has a blue backlit LCD, a variety of workout programs, and an integrated reading rack. More importantly, the 7100HRT ellipticals are renowned for their smooth motion and versatility. Incline training and an adjustable stride help people target a variety of muscle groups with just one machine.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Suspension 7100HRT Elliptical Trainer

    • Ergonomic stride – The Vision 7100HRT has a patented PerfectStride motion that incorporates narrow 2” pedal spacing, optimized foot positioning, stride length adjustments, and incline options.


    • Incline – The ramp inclines 18%-37% for serious incline training.


    • Comfortable pedals Pedals on Vision cross trainers are cushioned and rotate with natural body movement to promote comfort.


    • Heavy flywheel – With a 23-pound flywheel, this machine can provide a smooth ride even at the higher resistance levels.


    • Durable frame – The Suspension 7100HRT’s 240-pound frame is made of heavy gauge welded steel. It has a 325-pound user weight capacity.


  • Programming – Users get a variety of programs that target specific muscle groups and overall fitness goals. With the Premier console, users get sprint exercises, classic elliptical programs, sculptors that target specific muscle groups, heart rate programs, and custom user-designed programs. The Deluxe console includes sprint programs, a manual mode, interval training, fat burn, random mode, watts, glute burn, and a summit hike. There are 20 resistance levels on each machine.

Overall Rating for Vision Suspension 7100HRT Elliptical Trainers

The Vision Suspension 7100HRT is very similar to the 7200HRT. The 7200 adds on a bit more weight capacity and resistance, but those features are only needed by the heaviest trainers. The 7100HRT is an exceptionally smooth-running cross trainer, and its 5-year parts warranty should instill customer confidence.