StarTrac S-TBTx

StarTrac Total Body Trainers (TBTs) are gym-quality machines designed for light commercial or home use. These cross trainers can be used bidirectionally; users can push or pull to train different muscle groups.

The StarTrac S-TBTx is a bit simpler than other Total Body Trainers. Unlike the E and P series, the S series doesn’t include the option of leaving the handlebars stationary. Also, it has larger console buttons and fewer scrolling letters than those pricier machines. It also has a narrower pedal gap (2” instead of 3”), which is a plus for people with sensitive hip joints.

The S-TBTx is wired to hold special LCD screens, but these are not included in the MSRP.

Elliptical Hits of the Star Trac S-TBTx

  • High quality – StarTrac’s Total Body Trainers feature high quality electronics, heavy frames and flywheels, and the overall feel of commercial fitness machines.
  • Green power – The S-TBTx is powered by its users to help save on electricity costs. Additionally, it has a port for recharging Blackberries and other devices during exercise.
  • Programs – With 10 programs, the StarTrac S-TBTx offers a bit more program variety than the E-TBT series. Additionally, the machines have 20 levels of resistance and can be used bidirectionally. Some program examples include Quick Start and Dynamic Heart Rate Control.
  • Heart rate monitors – Grip heart rate sensors and a Polar heart rate telemetry system are included.
  • Great Warranty – Residential customers get a 10-year warranty on most parts and a 3-year labor warranty. A commercial warranty is also available.

Elliptical Misses: Shortcomings of the StarTrac S-TBTx

  • Heavy machine – Customers should note that Star Trac S-TBTx trainers stay put. Unlike some other cross trainers for home use, they weigh too much (326 pounds) to be easily moved.
  • High price – It’s possible to find substantial discounts, but it doesn’t hurt to shop around. Yowza and Precor might offer better prices.

Overall Rating for the S-TBTx Elliptical Trainer

The StarTrac S-TBTx is a lower-cost alternative to the E-TBT series. It’s fit for lighter commercial use and may be more machine than most individual households really need. A very generous warranty supports this smooth-running trainer.