Star Trac Total Body Trainer S-TBT


StarTrac Total Body Trainers are commercial-quality ellipticals designed for home use. The StarTrac S-TBT is high-end, but it’s the least expensive model in the TBT series. It features a self-contained power supply, a long stride, a heart rate monitor, and an adjustable fan. Unlike the more expensive Total Body Trainer models, it lacks a touch screen, an iPod port, and adjustable resistance in the arm bars.

Elliptical Hits of the S-TBT


  • High quality – The S-TBT elliptical has high quality electronics, a heavy frame, and the overall feel of a commercial fitness machine.


  • Long stride StarTrac’s Total Body Trainers have 18” strides.
  • Heart monitor – Grip heart rate sensors and a Polar heart rate telemetry system are included.
  • Warranty – Residential customers get a 10-year warranty on most parts and a limited labor warranty.

Elliptical Misses: Shortcomings of the S-TBT

  • Programs – With just 6 programs, this cross trainer doesn’t provide enough variety for some users.

Overall Rating for the StarTrac S-TBT Elliptical


The StarTrac S-TBT is a great value if purchased on sale. High quality electronics are housed in a sturdy frame. This Total Body Trainer has a high capacity, a long stride, heart rate monitoring, and a workout fan. Since it doesn’t have extras though, such as an incline ramp or a great number of programs, it’s not a best buy when purchased at full price. Other Total Body Trainers, including the E-TBT and P-TBT, have more remarkable features.