Spirit XE295

The Spirit XE295 is a relatively basic machine in terms of workouts – it has just six – but it features a 20” stride and heart rate programming. Like other members of the XE series, it includes child safety software, a bottle holder, and an integrated cooling fan.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the Spirit XE295

  • Durability – Spirits are well-made fitness machines with decent warranties. The XE295 weighs 194 pounds and has a 400-pound user weight capacity.
  • Long stride A 20” stride is supported despite the machine’s relatively small (65” x 24”) footprint.
  • Handlebar controls – The machine’s resistance can conveniently be altered via buttons built into the handlebars.
  • Heavy flywheel – Heavy flywheels help promote a smooth ride, and the Spirit XE295 has a 30-pound flywheel. That beats even pricier competitors.
  • Ergonomic pedals – The Spirit’s pedals are adjustable to promote comfort.
  • Great warranty – Original owners of the Spirit XE295 get a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake plus ten years of coverage on other parts.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Pass on the Spirit XE Series

Limited programming – If varied programming is high on your list of elliptical needs, then the XE series isn’t for you. Each model includes six programs, two heart rate control functions, and space for two user-designed programs. There are 20 resistance levels.

Overall Rating for the Spirit XE295 Elliptical

The Spirit XE295 is known for its smooth ride and durability. As an upgrade to the XE195, it has a heavier flywheel, a higher user weight capacity, handlebar controls, and a longer warranty. Still, it’s low on programming. If you like the Spirit XE295’s durability and ergonomics but want more workout options, check out Spirit’s Esprit EL series with elliptical models such as the Espirit EL-7.