Spirit XE 150 Elliptical

The Spirit XE 150 is a very basic but relatively solid elliptical trainer. It’s the entry-level model of the brand’s XE line.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the Spirit XE 150

  • Long stride The 20” stride supports a long range of motion, and it’s not common to find long strides like this on discount ellipticals.
  • Heavy flywheels – The 30-pound flywheel beats the heft of other basic ellipticals’ drives.
  • Heart monitoring – Exercisers can check their pulse with a wireless transmitter or grip sensors.
  • Reverse motion – The elliptical motion can be reversed, letting users do something like the moonwalk to exercise different muscles.
  • Adequate programming – This machine has 13 preset programs and has space for one user-defined workout. There’s also a heart rate program.
  • Good warranty – This discontinued model was sold with a confidence-instilling warranty. Customers got a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years on parts, and two years of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Improving the Spirit Esprit XE 150

  • Lack of extras – This Spirit elliptical has cooling fans and reverse motion, but it lacks the features that have become standard with some other brands, such as inclines, articulating pedals, and iPod compatibility.

Overall Rating for the XE 150 Elliptical

Spirit’s XE 150 is a fine entry-level elliptical. Some users would prefer a cross trainer with incline training or built-in entertainment, but those who just want a basic elliptical with a long stride will probably be pleased. Another entry-level option from Spirit is the EL-1.