Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical

Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical Review – Excellent Mid-Priced Machine with 18”-21” Stride

The Smooth CE 5.5 elliptical is the “middle child” in Smooth’s lineup for 2013. With an adjustable stride, it’s more advanced than the entry-level CE 2.5 – but with “only” 26 programs, it has fewer presets than the CE 9.0 and 9.5. The exercise programs on all of the above are outstanding! There are 24 intensity levels to meet a wide range of fitness levels.

The Smooth CE 5.5 can be used with interactive video workouts featuring beautiful scenery (e.g., the Alps and Crater Lake). These require your downloading an app and connecting a tablet computer to the elliptical machine. Second, plenty of traditional or non-tablet workouts are included to promote weight loss, performance and cardiovascular health.

The Smooth CE 5.5 is sold with an industry-leading warranty that includes in-home labor. It can be found on sale for about $1500 with delivery included.

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Elliptical Hits of the Smooth CE 5.5 Crosstrainer

  • Program variety – The 5.5 CE can be used with MySmooth, an interactive video exercise system that uses your tablet computer. With MySmooth you can virtually experience beautiful natural settings as you exercise, and your elliptical trainer will adjust to the terrain that you’re virtually crossing. This elliptical is also equipped with 26 workouts on its built-in console. One of the workouts is a fitness test to help you assess long-term progress. Four programs are controlled by heart rate.
  • Adjustable stride – The stride can be manually adjusted from 18” to 21” to fit just about any adult trainee.
  • Moving handlebars — Arm bars on the Smooth CE 5.5 can be kept stationary or moved for a total body workout.
  • Handlebar controls — Handlebar controls let you adjust the elliptical’s resistance during workouts.
  • Heavy drive – Smooth’s ellipticals have heavy drives (flywheels) to provide their famously smooth rides.
  • Heart rate monitors – Wireless and contact heart rate monitors are included.
  • Speakers – Amplify your favorite music with the SmoothSound audio system.
  • Size & stability – Despite its footprint of just 60″L x 27″W, this sturdy elliptical trainer weighs 190 pounds and has a 325-pound user weight capacity.
  • Excellent warranty – Owners of the Smooth CE 5.5 elliptical get a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, five years of protection for all parts & electronics, and two years of in-home labor.

Elliptical Misses

It’s not easy to find complaints about the Smooth CE 5.5. You might prefer the electronically adjustable stride found on the Yowza Captiva, but that product costs about $700 more.

Overall Rating for the Smooth Fitness CE 5.5 Elliptical

The Smooth CE 5.5 elliptical machine earns five stars in our review. It’s the “Goldilocks” of ellipticals – just right for lots of home exercisers. The stride will accommodate almost anyone, the ergonomics are healthy and the programming is engaging. Considering all of the above plus the fine sale price and generous warranty, the CE 5.5 is among the best buys in fitness for 2013.