Precor EFX 5.19 Elliptical

The Precor EFX 5.19 elliptical builds upon the Precor EFX, the world’s first mass-produced elliptical trainer. Unlike the EFX 5.17i elliptical, the 5.19 is a cross trainer and has a fixed incline of 20 degrees.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get


  • High quality – The Precor brand is associated with durable, low-maintenance fitness equipment, and the 5.19 is no exception. This residential elliptical is sold with a confidence-instilling 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime guarantee on the steel frame.


  • Incline – The EFX 5.19 is fixed at a 20 degree incline to help users burn calories even more quickly.


  • Long stride –The 20” stride lets most people use a full range of motion.
  • Extras – Some extras include an integrated storage space for reading material and music and an optional wireless heart rate transmitter.
  • Excellent warranty – Precor elliptical purchases are protected with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 10-year parts warranty, and a year of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Drawbacks of the Precor 5.19

  • Programs – This Precor cross trainer has just 4 programs. Although these can be varied with different resistance levels, some users would expect more programs on a machine of this price.
  • Size Precor ellipticals have large footprints and aren’t suitable for small workout spaces.

Overall Rating for the Precor EFX 5.19 Elliptical


The EFX 5.19 elliptical is a reliable elliptical, partly because of its low-maintenance rear flywheel. Compared with the 5.17i, it offers arm bars for cross training plus a longer stride. Some users would prefer the adjustable inclines of other Precor ellipticals, but this cross trainer is a great buy overall.