NordicTrack E7 sv Front Drive Elliptical Trainer

The E7 sv is a front drive elliptical trainer for home use. It has an incline, iFit, a sound system, and a one-year parts warranty. This machine sells for about $750 online.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the NordicTrack E7 sv Elliptical


  • Standard stride – The 18” stride lets shorter people exercise with a full range of motion.
  • Full body workout – Adjustable upper-body workout arms tone the arms, shoulders, back, and torso during elliptical workouts. An integrated fan helps keep exercisers cool.
  • Oversized pedals – The roomy pedals are intended to provide foot comfort over long workouts. With the extra room, there is space to reposition the feet if they become fatigued.
  • Varied programming – Sixteen preset workout programs are included. They can be used at twenty levels of resistance. Additionally, the user can purchase iFit cards. Each card contains eight weeks of personal training workouts.
  • Music port – Trainees can hook up an MP3 player and listen through headphones or the E7 sv’s speakers.
  • Heart rate monitor – Grip pulse monitors are built into the handlebars and help people train within the best heart rate zone.
  • High capacity – This machine weighs 200 pounds and has a 275-pound user weight capacity. However, some people complain that it becomes noisy with heavy use.
  • OK Warranty – Customers get a year of protection on parts.

Elliptical Misses: Why the E7 sv Isn’t for Everyone


  • Simple stride – While the E7 sv’s fixed 18” stride is good enough for healthy exercise, it’s a notch below the adjustable strides available on other NordicTracks. The FreeStrider 35S extends up to 35” and the A.C.T. Pro adjusts from 18” to 22”.
  • Noisy operation – Some users have complained that the machine is intolerably loud. The machine is sold with two kinds of grease that need to be used frequently.

Overall Rating for the NordicTrack E7 sv Elliptical

This is an affordable, entertaining, and reasonably durable workout machine for shorter adults. It would be rated more highly if it weren’t for the customer complaints about noisy operation.