MultiSports Fitness 6600L Elliptical

The MultiSports 6600L elliptical is a noticeable improvement over the brand’s cheaper units. It has a 21” stride, an 18 pound flywheel, and 12 resistance levels. These features make it best for taller individuals who are relative beginners at cardiovascular training.

The 6600L has a suggested retail price of about $1900, but it sells online for about $1350 with delivery included. Customers get lifetime protection on the frame and a year of coverage for moving parts. An extended warranty is available.

Elliptical Hits: Best Features of the MultiSports 6600L Elliptical Trainer

    • Long stride – The 21” stride is especially appealing for taller individuals. It’s also bidirectional, so people can train their hamstrings and other muscle groups by using a reverse glide.


    • High capacity – This unit has a steel frame and a 300 pound user weight capacity.


    • Preset workouts – Twelve preset workouts help new exercisers adhere to focused, efficient exercise sessions. Four of the programs target heart rate.


    • Heart rate monitors – The 6600L has a contact heart rate monitor and is compatible with wireless telemetry.


  • Data readouts – The console displays speed, average speed, distance, heart rate, approximate calories burned, time, scan, level, RPM, and watts used.

Elliptical Misses: How the 6600L Needs to Improve

    • Wide pedal spacing – This MultiSports elliptical has 5” of space between the pedals. When combined with the long stride, this machine is especially engineered for taller people and may be especially uncomfortable for shorter people’s hip joints.


  • Poor warranty – The standard MultiSports elliptical warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame but just a year of protection on parts. That’s a disappointing warranty even when the machine is on sale. An extended warranty is available and should be figured into the purchase price.

Overall Rating for the MultiSports 6600L Elliptical Trainer

The MultiSports 6600L has a long 21” stride but a relatively light drive. It could serve a taller person well for a year or so as they begin a cardiovascular training program. Overall though, this machine doesn’t offer much of a challenge for its price. A strong competitor in this price class is the Spirit EL3. It has a heavier flywheel than the 6600L elliptical, so it provides a smoother ride and stronger resistance.