The Mileage brand of elliptical cross trainers has impressive quality considering its affordability. Mileage, which is owned by the higher-end brand JK Fitness, offers durable ellipticals for lighter-weight users of all different heights. For example, the Mileage 1636 elliptical is a top value for people weighing less than 250 pounds. It has an adjustable stride and a heavy flywheel but costs less than $1000.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of Mileage Ellipticals

  • Upper body workout – Mileage ellipticals are cross trainers. They have adjustable upper-body workout arms to help tone the arms, shoulders, back,
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    and torso.

  • Adjustable stride – The adjustable stride on some Mileage cross trainers lets just about anyone use a natural range of motion. An adjustable stride is also comparable to a power incline. It lets people take shorter or longer strides to target different muscle groups.
  • Programming – A variety of built-in programs including a fat targeter, interval training, endurance training, and more are made easily available through “quick touch” buttons on Mileage ellipticals.
  • Heart rate monitor – Extra-large chrome grip pulse monitors are built into the handlebars.
  • Good warranties – Buyers typically get lifetime protection on the frame, a few years of parts protection, and labor coverage for the first year.

Overall Rating for Mileage Ellipticals

Although Mileage is a lesser-known brand, it offers some especially good deals on home fitness equipment. Mileage cross trainers beat many others in their price class by combining a good warranty, varied programming, and a healthy stride.

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Mileage Fitness 1636 Elliptical
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