High-end elliptical trainers by Magnum Fitness are manufactured in Milwaukee, Valparaiso, and other cities in the U.S. steel belt. The Magnum Fitness brand features unique elliptical trainers:  a patented floating deck promotes an exceptionally smooth stride, and with varied programming and up to 200 resistance levels, the ellipticals are designed for novice exercisers and pro athletes alike. Magnum elliptical trainers arrive fully assembled and are sold with generous commercial warranties.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of Magnum Elliptical Trainers

  • Variable resistance – Whereas most cross trainers have about 20 resistance levels, the Magnum E350 has 200 resistance settings for highly customized workouts.
  • Program variety – Preset programs plus a manual mode on Magnums offer a variety of workout types, from isokinetic challenges to rolling hills and interval training.
  • Healthy stride – The long elliptical footpath on Magnums permits a natural range of motion. Also, the pedals can be used in forward and backward motion to train different muscle groups.
  • Upper body exercise – The arm bars can be kept stationary or moved as part of a total body workout.     They can also be used in forward and reverse directions.
  • Heart rate monitor – Wireless telemetry on Magnum cross trainers helps people exercise within their ideal heart rate ranges.
  • No power cord or batteries – These “green” machines are entirely person-powered and won’t contribute to electricity bills.
  • High capacity – Magnums have higher than average user weight capacities. For example, the E350 can accommodate up to 400 pounds.
  • Quiet operation – Unlike cheap ellipticals, these machines are well-sealed for stable and squeak-free operation.
  • Spaceconserving – While Magnums aren’t compact ellipticals, they take up relatively little space for durable cross trainers.

Elliptical Misses: Where Magnum Falls Short

  • Fixed stride — Some elliptical users prefer machines with adjustable strides. The 21” stride on Magnum’s E350 may be too long for some exercisers.
  • Wide pedal spacing – The pedals may be too widely spaced to support proper hip placement in shorter individuals.

Overall Rating for the Magnum Elliptical Trainer Brand

Magnum is a top-notch made-in-America brand of fitness equipment. Some hallmarks of its elliptical cross trainers include superior ergonomics, highly varied workout options, and an environmentally-conscious power-saving design. However, with long strides and wide pedal spacing, these machines are better for taller trainees.

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