LifeSpan elliptical machines are manufactured by PCE Health & Fitness, a company based in Park City, Utah. PCE introduced its LifeSpan cross trainers in 2001. The brand’s first ellipticals were low-priced and especially basic, and their ergonomics left something to be desired. However, their newer models were developed with extra attention being paid to a natural stride. These include the LifeSpan EL1000 Natural FIT and the LifeSpan EL3000i Natural FIT.

The latest LifeSpan elliptical, the EL3000i, has extras including an audio center and a USB drive to help manage exercise data. LifeSpan ellipticals offer pretty good value, but they don’t stand out from the competition.

Brand Features of LifeSpan Ellipticals

Some typical features of LifeSpan elliptical machines include:

  • Stability – LifeSpan ellipticals are heavy steel machines with high user weight capacities. The EL1000 and EL3000i can each support 300 pounds.

  • Good ergonomics – Like all elliptical trainers, LifeSpan machines provide low-impact exercise. LifeSpan’s elliptical pedals are narrowly spaced, just as recommended by physical therapists – and pedals on the EL3000i are actually filled with gel cushioning to provide extra comfort. Additionally, the trainers’ heavy flywheels support easy, fluid motion.

  • Heavy flywheels – This brand’s flywheels are heavy enough for most users. The EL1000 has a 19-pound flywheel and the EL3000i has a 24-pound drive.

  • Full strides – The EL1000 has an 18” stride and the EL3000i has a 20” stride. At the same time, the machines are relatively compact.
  • Compact – The EL1000 is just five feet long, making it ideal for exercisers with smaller homes. Machines with similar stride lengths are often a foot or two longer.
  • Programs – While the EL1000 has only 8 preset programs, the EL3000i has 19 built-in programs plus space to store two user-designed workouts.
  • LifeSpan Fitness Club – With LifeSpan’s top-of-the-line elliptical, customers get free membership in the company’s fitness club. Each user’s personalized webpage uses data such as user weight and resting heart rate to provide advice and track progress.
  • Good warranty – LifeSpan customers get a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake, three years on parts, and a year of labor.

Overall Rating for LifeSpan Elliptical Machines

LifeSpans are overall fine machines with adequate warranties. The EL1000 is low on programs, so some users might quickly lose interest. The EL3000i, however, has more than double the program options and includes personalized exercise guidance. Still, these models lack any standout features. They’re worth considering, but customers might get more features for less money with brands like Schwinn and Smooth.

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