Landice E7 Pro Trainer ElliptiMill

The Pro Trainer console is one of Landice’s more affordable options for the E7 ElliptiMill. The Landice elliptical – or “ElliptiMill” – is among the best cross trainers available: it has an adjustable stride, great programming, and superior ergonomics. The Landice E7 Pro Trainer ElliptiMill is sold with an iPod-compatible sound system and a full lifetime warranty. This unit typically sells for about $3325 online.

Elliptical Hits: Features of the Landice E7 Elliptical

  • Adjustable stride The E7 has 17” to 23” stride lengths to suit trainers of different heights and let people target different muscle groups (calves, quadriceps, and glutes).
  • Upper body exercise – Upper-body workout handles let people synchronize upper-body and lower-body workouts. Landice’s center-drive technology makes it easy to stay upright.
  • Good console – The Pro Trainer features five traditional workout programs and room to save two user-designed workouts. The more expensive consoles, including the Cardio Trainer and the Executive, have heart rate control workouts and fitness tests.
  • Resistance – Twenty resistance levels add extra variety to workouts and challenge users at a number of fitness levels.
  • Comfortable pedals – Orthopedic gel inserts make Landice pedals known for superior cushioning. All pedals in the E7 series are narrowly spaced for hip comfort. Additionally, they’re placed low to the ground. This may be important to elderly users or those with weak knees.
  • Extras – In addition to great ergonomics, extras including an MP3-player dock, a bottle holder, and an integrated workout fan help make the Landice E7 a top elliptical trainer.
  • High capacity – The Landice E7 Pro Trainer ElliptiMill has a 500-pound user capacity.
  • Strong warranty – Owners of Landice’s residential elliptical get a lifetime warranty on the entire machine plus a year of labor.

Overall Rating for Landice E7 Pro Trainers

The Pro Console is an affordable console for the Landice E7, a cream-of-the-crop home fitness machine. It has good but limited programming. Overall, the Landice E7 ElliptiMill will not disappoint. It combines high-quality components with top-class ergonomics, challenging workouts, and a strong warranty.