Keiser is a high-quality brand of fitness equipment designed in Germany. While the brand is known in the US for its fine engineering and superior components, it rates less than average because of its relatively high price when the dollar isn’t strong. The M5, Keiser’s only portable elliptical model, sells for about $1895 online. The company also sells non-portable ellipticals that are suitable for use in medical rehabilitation facilities and private homes.

Features of Keiser Elliptical Trainers

Overall Rating for Keiser Portable Ellipticals

Keiser’s portable and full-sized elliptical trainers are well-made. However, their pricing can put American customers at a disadvantage. The M5 Strider is admittedly unique though and may gain a significant US market share because of the lack of other high-quality portable elliptical trainers.

Image Model Rating Estimated Price
Keiser M5 Strider 5600PBC Elliptical
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