Image 9.5 Elliptical

The 9.5 is an elliptical trainer for very casual, infrequent exercisers. Average and serious athletes will quickly wear the machine out – and the warranty expires after just 90 days. Nonetheless, some people choose the Image 9.5 for its incline and iFit personal training technology.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get

  • 17.5” stride The 17.5” stride is ideal for petites and short men. However, most average and tall people won’t be able to use a full range of motion.

  • Upper body exercise – Like most elliptical trainers, the Image 9.5 has movable handlebars to give users the option of exercising their arms and legs simultaneously.
  • Incline – The 9.5 has three incline options. However, these must be adjusted manually. Ellipticals by other brands have motorized inclines, letting users conveniently adjust the incline in the middle of a workout. (One to check out: the Horizon EX 77, which has a 16-degree power incline.)

  • Programs – Ten exercise programs are built into the Image 9.5’s console. Users can also purchase 8-week iFit training programs to keep exercise interesting.
  • Extras – Extras include contact heart rate grips, a drink holder, and a built-in workout fan.

What You Don’t Get with the Image 9.5 Elliptical

  • A good warranty – Image ellipticals have substandard 90-day warranties. Even worse, customers frequently report that the equipment breaks down quickly and is costly to repair.
  • Silence – Many users report that the Image 9.5 trainer becomes squeaky or otherwise raises a racket after a few months of use.

Overall Rating for the Image Elliptical 9.5

Customer reviews have earned the Image 9.5 a low rating. Reports paint a picture of a shaky machine that becomes increasingly noisy over time, ultimately requiring repair and becoming an extra place to hang one’s clothes.

If it’s iFit that draws you, check out some other brands by the ICON parent company, such as NordicTrack and ProForm, or consider spending money on a gym membership until you’re ready to purchase a better quality trainer.