HealthRider H95e Rear Drive

The HealthRider H95e is a mid-level elliptical trainer. This machine is packed with special features such as a convenient SpaceSpacer design, highly targeted workouts, a motorized power ramp, and iFit technology.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get with the HealthRider H95e

  • iFit technology – In wireless-equipped households, the elliptical’s iFit Live feature automatically downloads new workouts and uploads users’ workout data. Additioanlly, interactive 8-week workout cards featuring famous personal trainers can be loaded into the console. Google Maps compatibility is another exciting iFit feature: it lets users virtually walk, jog, or run through the many miles of terrain that Google has mapped – from one’s own neighborhood to famous national parks.
  • Incline The motorized incline lets users target their glutes, quads, and calves by working out at 10 degree, 20 degree, and 30 degree inclines respectively. Incline training is associated with more rapid calorie expenditure than is traditional elliptical training.
  • Adjustable stride The Healthrider H95e has an 18”-20” adjustable stride. This makes the machine practical for people of different heights and also lets the individual user target different muscle groups.
  • Heart rate monitor – Sensors built into the handlebars help users exercise within an optimal heart rate zone.
  • Foldable design – The H95e’s pedals and base fold up quickly to reveal three feet of floor space.
  • 325 pound user weight capacity

Elliptical Errors: What’s Missing

  • Hidden extras – The iFit Live module may be sold separately.
  • Short warranty – HealthRider once had notoriously short warranties, but the H95e gets a lifetime frame warranty and one year of parts and labor.

Overall Rating for the HealthRider H95e Elliptical

The H95e is a significant upgrade to its predecessors and may be a worthwhile investment: the heart rate monitor can help people make the most of workouts; the incline and adjustable stride enable the targeting of different muscle groups; and the many iFit options help keep exercise interesting. The fact that HealthRider has lengthened its warranty for this model is encouraging. Still, ellipticals with better warranties are offered by Reebok, Sole, and NordicTrack.