HealthRider H50E Elliptical Trainer

An Affordable Cross Trainer that Targets Trouble Spots

The HealthRider H50E is a sub-$1000 elliptical trainer. Highlights include a 20° ramp, 18 workout apps and iFit compatibility. When you activate iFit, the elliptical’s automatic resistance control simulates the rise and fall of terrain across actual routes that you chart with Google Maps.

Elliptical Hits: Best Features of the HealthRider H50E

  • Workout apps – The H50E’s collection of 18 built-in apps is impressive for an elliptical in this price category. There are enough workouts to keep you entertained and fit without needing to add on the iFit. Still, iFit will be a temptation! We recommend figuring it into the sale price of this HealthRider.
  • iFit technology – iFit can be used in any wireless-equipped space once you add on an iFit module and sign up for iFit membership. The modules usually sell for $99 and sometimes include an annual subscription. iFit Live will download new workouts that are based on your exercise data. You can also virtually work out with the famous personal trainer Jillian Michaels.
  • Incline The motorized ramp lets you target different muscle groups by working out at 10°, 20° and 30° inclines. Incline training helps you burn fat calories more quickly and also stimulates more muscle fibers compared with exercise at a 0° incline.
  • Adjustable stride This model’s 18”-20” stride makes it just right for multi-user households. The stride also adds even more variability in terms of how you can isolate specific muscles.
  • Console – The console features ICON’s popular RaceTrackl display, which helps you visualize progress along a quarter-mile track.
  • 275 pound capacity
  • Free shipping

Elliptical Errors: What’s Not so Hot

  • Short warranty – The H50E gets a lifetime frame warranty and one year of parts and labor coverage. Two or three years of parts coverage would be more appropriate, considering that this machine will cost anywhere from $699 to $999.
  • Heart rate monitor – Pulse sensors are built into the handlebars, but customers say that these are inaccurate. It’s a good idea to exercise within your optimal heart rate range; it helps make the most of each session, and tracking your recovery rate is one way to assess progress over the long term. Be sure to track your heart rate manually if it can’t be accomplished with your elliptical machine.
  • Assembly – Assembly is not a smooth process. Many components need to be greased and some steps in assembly require two people to get alignment correct.
  • Noise – The incline can be heard whirring.

Overall Rating for the HealthRider H50E Elliptical

The H50E is a modest attempt at making an affordable yet good-quality elliptical trainer. It’s lacking in some areas as noted above, yet it’s better than many competitors in the sub-$1000 category. We think you’ll be satisfied with this purchase if you aren’t expecting luxury yet expect a challenging workout. Take the manufacturer’s claim of a 275-pound warranty with a grain of salt. The H50E isn’t among the most durable ellipticals, and it would get more stars in our review if it were sold with a longer warranty.