Gold’s Gym StrideTrainer 595 Elliptical

The StrideTrainer 595 is the top elliptical machine from Gold’s Gym, a discount brand of fitness equipment. Since it has a short stride and lighter resistance, it’s best for smaller beginning exercisers. The 595 has an 18” stride, 14 preset programs, and an incline for targeting specific muscle groups. Its main drawback is squeakiness and a short warranty. Extended warranties are available.

This home elliptical retails for $799, but it’s often available for about half-price at and

Elliptical Hits: Best Features of the Gold’s Gym 595 StrideTrainer Elliptical

  • 18” stride – The stride is long enough for shorter adults to use a full range of motion, and they can also take shorter stair-like steps by using the incline.
  • 14 programs – A variety of built-in programs are designed for weight loss, endurance, and other fitness goals. These can be used with the machine’s heart rate monitor to ensure efficient exercise.
  • Full-body exercise – Movable handlebars increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body.
  • Heart rate monitorGrip heart rate sensors are integrated with the handlebars for convenient pulse monitoring during exercise.
  • MP3 player – An iPod port and speaker system offer entertainment and can drown out the machine’s squeakiness.
  • Water bottle holder – An attached drink holder helps with hydration during workouts.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Think Twice about the StrideTrainer 595

  • Few resistance levels – This machine has only 12 resistance levels. Most brands offer more variety. On the other hand, smaller users say that the resistance levels are challenging.
  • Weak fan This is a fairly common observation among owners of the 595.                                                           
  • Short labor warranty – Gold’s Gym ellipticals include just 90-day warranties for parts and labor. That’s one of the poorest offers in the industry. If you buy this product, be sure to consider getting an extended warranty.
  • Power not included – The 595 StrideTrainer is powered by D cell batteries. An adaptor is available from the manufacturer for about $90, but a universal adaptor can be purchased elsewhere for under $20.

Overall Rating for the Gold’s Gym StrideTrainer 595

The StrideTrainer 595 features the basics for starting a home exercise program. It has a long enough stride for shorter adults, plus it can mimic a stairclimber with its incline option. But at full price, why take a chance on a squeaky product with a short warranty? NordicTrack, Schwinn, and ProForm offer better deals with at least a year of parts coverage on their cheapest elliptical trainers.