Fuel Fitness elliptical trainers are known for being inexpensive and also durable if used by not-so-heavy users. The machines have heavier flywheels and longer strides than do other budget ellipticals. Available models include the FE44 and the FE46.

Features of Fuel Elliptical Trainers

  • Standard strides The primary difference between these two machines is their strides. The FE44 has an 18” stride and the FE46 has a 20” stride.
  • Good program variety – These machines include 14 preset workouts, which isn’t bad for budget ellipticals. The FE46 also has heart rate control; workouts can adjust to keep users within target heart rates.
  • iPod compatible – Both models have speakers and a port for iPods and other MP3 players.
  • Heart rate monitors – Fuel ellipticals have hand pulse heart rate monitors.
  • Footplates – The footplates on Fuel ellipticals are superior for their articulation, or rotation, but they aren’t padded. Most other elliptical brands cushion their footplates to promote a more comfortable workout. Another strike against these footplates is their spacing. At more than 4” apart, they’re too wide-set to provide the best hip comfort.
  • Acceptable warranty – These machines have lifetime warranties on the frames and brakes. There’s just a year of coverage for other parts and labor, but labor is in-home.

Overall Rating for Fuel Elliptical Trainers

Fuel ellipticals provide good value when bought at a discount. Otherwise, the relatively short one-year parts warranty could be a gamble not worth taking. In that case, the Schwinn 460 could be a good alternative.

Customers are generally pleased with the Fuel FE44 and FE46 ellipticals, although many people complain of rattles and squeaks. These problems, which are common with budget ellipticals, can supposedly be remedied by keeping the bolts tightened and lubricating the machine with a product that’s included in the box.

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Fuel Fitness FE46 Elliptical
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Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical
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