Fitnex elliptical trainers aren’t well-known among the general gym-going public, but they’re very good quality machines. The parent company of Fitnex is FMI America, the same force that’s behind better-known high quality fitness equipment brands, the names of which FMI mysteriously cannot disclose… Fitnex ellipticals are made of heavy gauge steel, have high user weight capacities, and feature generous strides. MSRPs range from $1,039 to $1,699.

Brand Features of Fitnex Ellipticals

  • Good price – Fitnex trainers are moderately priced and offer great value.
  • Long strides – These units have 19” and 20” strides, so they can help taller adults of most heights develop long, lean muscles. However, the wide pedal spacing (8” on the E55 models) is uncomfortable for shorter users.
  • Forward and reverse motion – The bidirectionality lets people train different muscle groups. For example, moving in a reverse elliptical machine can especially target the hamstrings.
  • Durable & energy efficient – In the long run, this machine is low-cost. It has great durability and an excellent warranty, so it isn’t associated with high maintenance costs. Furthermore, it won’t add to electricity bills. It’s powered entirely by user energy.
  • Good program variety – These ellipticals tend to have 8 to 15 built-in workouts.
  • Great warranty – Fitnex cross trainers are sold with lifetime warranties on parts. Labor is free for the first year after purchase.

Overall Rating for Fitnex Ellipticals

Fitnex ellipticals are built of high-quality components and are designed to endure. Although the brand isn’t well known, Fitnex offers some of the best elliptical values for taller customers and is bound to grow in popularity as word gets out.

Image Model Rating Estimated Price
Fitnex E55 (Self Generating) Elliptical
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Fitnex E55SG (Self Generating) Elliptical
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Fitnex E70 Light Commercial Elliptical
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