Sunny elliptical trainers are very low-budget fitness machines made in China and Taiwan. Sunny’s combination elliptical trainer/upright bike is a convenient way to get low-impact workouts when other options aren’t available. Its light flywheel and instability make it unsuitable for regular heavy use.

Elliptical Hits: Best Features of the Sunny 2-in-1 Bike/Elliptical

  • Versatility – The 2-in-1 design lets people sit or stand to get a cardiovascular workout. The bike and elliptical can be used in forward and reverse directions.
  • Oversized pedals – The anti-slip pedals on Sunny trainers protect the user in both bike and elliptical modes.
  • Compact size – This machine is a convenient way to fit “two” home exercise machines into a small space. It’s just 49” long.
  • Data readouts – Feedback is provided in the following categories: scan, time, speed, distance, total distance, and calories burned.

Elliptical Misses: Why the Sunny Upright Bike and Elliptical Isn’t so Hot

  • Manual resistance Tension is adjusted with a knob instead of electronically.
  • No programming – Elliptical machines costing just a few hundred dollars more include personal training programs and other programming to guide workouts and keep them interesting.
  • Short stride – The 17” stride fails to provide a long, smooth glide.

Overall Rating for the Sunny Bike Elliptical Trainer

Sunny cross trainers compare very poorly against ellipticals that cost just a few hundred dollars more. Their short strides are especially disappointing because they inhibit full elliptical

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motion, and the machines’ light weights and few resistance levels are red flags that they can barely provide a challenge. Furthermore, since Sunny ellipticals are sold without standard warranties, customers are left vulnerable to costly repairs and replacement parts.

For better alternatives, see discount brands such as Nautilus and Schwinn. Sole and Yowza also offer some good ellipticals at low prices.

Image Model Rating Estimated Price
Gazelle FreeStyle with Thumbpulse
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Gazelle Edge Elliptical
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