EVO REV-300 Elliptical

The EVO REV-300 is a simpler elliptical trainer from Smooth Fitness. It’s part of a series that also includes the REV-400 and REV-600. Considering its 16” stride and light flywheel, this basic cross trainer seems out of place with its MSRP of $1299.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of EVO REV-300 Elliptical Trainers

  • Heart rate monitors – All EVO REV ellipticals include heart rate monitors to help users optimize the cardiovascular benefit of workouts. This entry-level model includes a grip pulse monitor. The REV400 and REV600 have wireless options.
  • Full body exercise – Moving handlebars help users exercise the whole body.
  • Sturdy frame – The steel frame weighs 175 pounds and is sturdy for lighter users. Average and large-sized adults would be better off with the more durable REV600.
  • Fair warranty – Buyers get lifetime warranties on the frame and brake, two years on parts, and a year of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Say No to the EVO REV-300

  • Light flywheel – This machine has a light flywheel, which helps explain its few resistance levels. It doesn’t have the smooth ride that other Smooth ellipticals are known for.
  • Short stride – The short stride defeats the purpose of elliptical training. Most users of elliptical machines expect a longer range of motion.
  • Few workout options – This machine has a fixed stride and just eight resistance levels. There are basic time and distance goal programs plus interval training and endurance workouts.
  • Large size – With a footprint of 76”x29”, the REV-300 takes up lots of space for being so low on features.

Overall Rating for the EVO-REV 300 Elliptical Trainer

This basic trainer can meet the needs of lighter-weight people

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who are relative beginners at cardio training. However, a person seeking such a basic elliptical could find one at a lower price – and the competition offers more exciting features too. The Smooth brand is a good place to start for comparisons, and NordicTrack also offers good value.

The EVO-REV 600 is also a better option than the EVO-REV 300, as it has a longer stride.