Crescendo Fitness was established in 2006. The brand features very low-priced exercise bikes, ellipticals, elliptical-bike combinations, and other home fitness equipment. Crescendo fitness machines tend to be made of inexpensive plastic parts. They are not sold with warranties.

Brand Features of Crescendo Fitness Ellipticals

Some typical features of Crescendo Fitness elliptical machines include:

  • Heavier drives – Crescendo Fitness machines have heavier drives than other cheap elliptical trainers. For example, the Crescendo Magnetic Crosstrainer has an 8 kg (17.6 lb) flywheel. That means it’s potentially smoother and more challenging than a machine from some other budget brands such as Sunny and MultiSports. On the other hand, some better brands such as Kettler offer flywheels weighing more than 30 pounds for an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • No preset programs – Crescendo Fitness trainers can only be used in manual mode. Other budget ellipticals and elliptical bikes have built-in programs such as hill running and interval training.
  • Just the basics – As discount elliptical trainers, Crescendo Fitness machines do not include extras such as incline ramps or built-in sound systems.
  • Lower capacity These ellipticals have short strides. They are marked with user weight capacities of 250-300 pounds, but it’s difficult to imagine stability from an 80-pound elliptical.
  • No warranty – These machines do not have warranties. However, most vendors accept returns within 30 days.

Overall Rating for Crescendo Fitness Ellipticals

Crescendo Fitness ellipticals are entry-level trainers. They aren’t intended for people who are very fit and need a challenge, nor are they suitable for heavier individuals. Crescendo Fitness machines shouldn’t be expected to last a long time.

These machines may be useful in the short term, but it might be wiser to join a gym that has high quality equipment. If you definitely want a discount elliptical trainer, then be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars more for a durable machine that’s backed with a warranty. Some good low-priced brands to check out include ProForm and HealthRider.

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Crescendo Fitness Magnetic Resistance CrossTrainer Elliptical
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Crescendo Fitness PRO Magnetic Resistance CrossTrainer Elliptical
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