Yukon Fitness Ellipticals

Yukon International is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The company manufactures a wide range of strength-training and cardio products and distributes them online. Some of their best products are benches and plate racks for weightlifters.

Yukon’s elliptical trainers are very inexpensive and weigh very little. The Yukon Inertia ES3.5 weighs 115 pounds and the EZ Elliptical weighs only 90 pounds. We’re skeptical about their claimed weight capacities, which approach 300 pounds. Elliptical training involves vigorous movement that might cause instability.

Yukon has managed to make the most of little material – at least you’ll get heavy flywheels and a steel frame – but these ellipticals have a lot of weight to gain before we’ll take them seriously.

Yukon Inertia ES3.5 Elliptical

The Inertia ES3.5 Elliptical is a lower-priced cross trainer for home use. Unlike most other cheap ellipticals, the Inertia has good program variety plus an adjustable stride to fit people of different heights. This unit has been sold for $999, but it can be found online for $799 with delivery included.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Inertia ES3.5 Elliptical Trainer

    • Customized stride – The ES3.5 features an adjustable 17.5” to 20.5” stride, so it lets most adults alternate between smaller steps, a natural stride, and a muscle-lengthening glide. This machine also features three pedal heights to fit different users.


    • Small size – This unit is advertised as a compact elliptical. Many others are smaller, but this unit takes up relatively little space considering its long stride. It measures 66”L x 27”W x 62”H.


  • Programming – Customers get 16 program modes.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Step Back

    • Lower capacity – This machine is marked with a 275-pound user weight capacity, but it only weighs 115 pounds. Heavier users would probably be better off with a heavier machine.


  • No labor warranty – The Yukon ES3.5’s standard warranty covers parts and electronics for three years, but customers are responsible for labor expenses.

Overall Rating for Yukon’s Inertia ES3.5 Elliptical Trainer

The Inertia ES3.5 is a mixed bag: it has a low price but a skimpy warranty; good program variety but unadvertised resistance levels; and an adjustable stride, but little emphasis on optimized ergonomics. Overall, it’s a pretty good cross trainer for beginning to mid-level exercisers. It’s not easy to find a decent cross trainer for under $800, but the Yukon Inertia fits the bill.