TKO Fitness Ellipticals

TKO’s proper legal name is TKO Sports Group USA, Ltd. “TKO” stands for “Technical Knock-Out” and shows the company’s roots as a boxing equipment supplier.

TKO Product Lines

The company was founded in Texas in 1996. After opening with a focus on combat equipment (boxing gloves, punching bags and so forth), management began expanding TKO’s scope two years later. TKO now carries a wide spectrum of fitness equipment and apparel. Free weights, benches, punching bags and medicine balls are listed along with full body trainers.

TKO Elliptical Trainers

TKO’s selection of elliptical trainers is very limited, and we’ve only reviewed the Commercial 9GE. It’s a high quality product but might be overpriced once you add a decent warranty. If you do wind up with a TKO elliptical, we think you’ll enjoy it. You’ll get a club-quality workout thanks to features like a long adjustable stride and dozens of resistance levels.

TKO 9GE Commercial Elliptical

The Commercial 9GE delivers almost gym-quality workouts to home users. One highlight is its adjustable 18.5”-22” stride. This machine sells for about $2100 online.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the TKO 9GE Commercial Elliptical

  • Oversized pedals – The roomy pedals are intended to provide foot comfort over long workouts. With the extra room, there is space to reposition the feet if they become fatigued.
  • Adjustable console – The attractive LCD console can be tilted to suit users of different heights.
  • Green energy – This elliptical machine is powered entirely by the user. It won’t add to electricity bills and it can be used in just about any room regardless of power outlets.
  • Varied programming – Twenty-two workout modes are included. With its 32 resistance levels, the TKO offers double the workout routines of some other cross trainers.
  • Adjustable stride – The 18.5”-22” stride lets a wide range of people exercise with a full range of motion and target various muscle groups.
  • Full body workout – Adjustable upper-body workout arms tone the arms, shoulders, back, and torso during elliptical workouts. An integrated fan helps keep exercisers cool.

Elliptical Miss: Where TKO Disappoints

  • Short warranty – Customers can return the product within 30 days, but a two-year or four-year warranty is sold separately for a few hundred dollars.

Overall Rating for the TKO 9GE Commercial Elliptical Trainer

This is an attractive and ergonomically-designed fitness machine that’s ideal for a wide variety of users, regardless of their size or fitness level. Its main drawback is its short warranty: for $2100 or so, customers should be given more than a year of protection. The two-year and four-year warranty plans cost $339 and $439, respectively.

SportsArt and Smooth Fitness might offer better values for about the same price as the TKO 9GE Elliptical.