Ross Fitness Ellipticals

The Ross brand name has been associated with physical fitness since the 1950s. From 1950 through 1989 the company built a wide variety of bikes to compete with Schwinn’s products, and Ross gained some traction with its mountain bikes. The equipment was manufactured in Allentown, Pennsylvania and the company was headquartered in Rockaway Beach, New York.

The company had financial trouble in the 1980s. Rand Cycle, which is now known as Rand International, bought Ross out of bankruptcy court. Rand still owns the brand but has done little to develop or promote the Ross products.

An elliptical sold under the brand name is the Ross 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Strider. We’ve reviewed this product as being very cheap and unreliable – definitely not a recommended buy, even if you’re on a tight budget.

A more popular and durable product related to this company is the Stepper Bike. It was invented by Randy Ross, who’s a second generation member of the Ross family company, and the famous bicycle designer Gary Silva. Stepper Bikes are all-in-one elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and road bikes. They’re unusual but not uber-cheap or gimmicky; Stepper Bikes are distributed through legitimate sports equipment stores such as Sports Authority.

A Stepper Bike might be worth trying. For a reliable standard elliptical though, steer clear of Ross. Dozens of brands offer better selections.

Ross 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Strider

The Ross 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Strider is a

low-priced fitness machine for beginning exercisers. It has 21 preset programs but is otherwise low on features. The 2700 sells for about $400 online with shipping included.

Elliptical Hits: Attractive Features of the 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Strider

  • Preset programs – The Magnetic Elliptical Strider includes great workout variety with 21 preset programs.
  • Adjustable resistance – Users can switch between resistance levels at any time during a workout.
  • Heart rate monitor – Pulse can be monitored with a hand grip heart rate detector.

Elliptical Misses: Why the 2700 Strider is So Inexpensive

  • Non-existent warranty – Ross’s online products cannot be returned. Extended Ross service contracts can be purchased for use in all US states except Maine.
  • Short stride – Since Ross does not publish the elliptical’s stride length, it’s likely very short.
  • Inexpensive components – The Ross company does not advertise crucial information about this machine’s drive or ergonomics.

Overall Rating for the Ross 2700 Magnetic Elliptical Strider

The Ross Magnetic Elliptical Strider is a very substandard home fitness machine. Since it’s sold without a standard warranty, customers pay

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about $400 for a machine that could likely break down within a year. Purchasing a more expensive machine with a fair warranty instead would pay off in the long run. Some better budget brands to try include ProForm and LifeCORE.