Matrix Fitness Ellipticals

Matrix Fitness, a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd., is an ultra-luxurious commercial fitness brand. Johnson Health Tech has been making premium fitness equipment since 1975 and has 16 global subsidiaries.

Other brands’ commercial elliptical trainers occasionally wind up in private homes, but that’s not so true for Matrix machines. Why? These have sticker prices of $10,000 and up. As you’d expect, they require virtually no maintenance, are built to last, and are backed by excellent warranties.

An exemplary Matrix elliptical is the E7xe. Highlights include a 15” touch screen TV, 21” stride, an iPod port and compatibility with FitLinxx and other fitness club services. (Note: Don’t confuse this commercial product with the unrelated Matrix elliptical made by Livestrong.)

Matrix is also known for producing high quality commercial Ascent Trainers, treadmills, cycles and strength training equipment. Across the lines, expect noticeably superior construction and attractive contemporary design on all Matrix Fitness commercial equipment.

Matrix Fitness E7XE Elliptical

The high-end Matrix E7xe elliptical combines excellent ergonomics with high-tech entertainment. Users enjoy a 15” touch screen display, a vibrant Vista Clear TV picture, and iPod compatibility. This commercial elliptical is sold with three years of protection on parts, five years of protection on the generator, and a seven-year frame warranty.

What’s the damage? Don’t be put off by the Matrix’s list price of almost $10,000. Significantly lower quotes can be found by browsing online and placing a few phone calls.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Matrix E7xe Elliptical Trainer

  • Entertainment – In addition to playing audio and video from their own iPods and similar players, users can enjoy a 15” touch TV screen that’s known for its exceptional clarity. Extra-special features: the screen can display the iPod’s playlist, and the elliptical can charge a person’s iPod as they exercise.
  • Multilingual display – Workout data can be displayed in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Variable resistance – The Matrix has variable resistance for customized workouts.
  • Program variety – Preset programs include manual, rolling hills, intervals, fat burn, random, fit test, target HR, and constant watts. That’s not many programs for a home trainer, but it’s enough to keep people interested at the gym.
  • Healthy stride – The 21” stride permits a natural range of motion for the average user. Shock-absorbing pads are built into the pedals for an ultra-low-impact workout.
  • Upper body option – The arm bars can be kept stationary or moved as part of a total body workout.
  • Heart rate monitors – Contact heart rate sensors and wireless telemetry help people to exercise within an ideal heart rate range.
  • High capacity
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    The Matrix E7xe elliptical trainer has a 400-pound user weight capacity.

  • Quiet operation – Unlike cheap ellipticals, this machine is built for stable and squeak-free operation.
  • Power saving – This machine runs off of people power and has an AC option.

Elliptical Misses: Where Matrix Falls Short

  • Fixed stride — Some elliptical users prefer machines with adjustable strides.

Overall Rating for the Matrix E7xe Elliptical Trainer

The E7xe is a smooth-running cross trainer that will keep people coming back to the gym. With built-in entertainment, it offers extra motivation to exercise and is thus an excellent option for most commercial workout centers. The Matrix E7xe has a relatively high MSRP but is regularly offered at sale prices.

Keep in mind that with its long 21” stride, this machine wouldn’t be ideal for a fitness center catering exclusively to women. An alternative is the Landice E9 ElliptiMill, which features a variable 17”-23” stride to fit just about everyone.

Matrix Fitness E1XLS Elliptical

Built in the USA, the E1XLS commercial elliptical trainer is engineered with attention to detail and made of high-quality components. It’s easy to use and can accommodate a wide range of fitness levels, from people needing extensive rehabilitation to those wanting an intensely athletic cardiovascular challenge. This unit typically sells for $4500-$5000 with delivery and professional installation included. It’s backed by a confidence-instilling warranty for up to six hours of use per day.

The Matrix E1XLS trainer is part of a campaign to fight cancer and help cancer survivors: $4 million in proceeds from Matrix’s LiveStrong fitness equipment will go to Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong foundation.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Matrix E1XLS Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Misses: Where Matrix Falls Short

  • Fixed stride — Some elliptical users prefer machines with adjustable strides.

Overall Rating for the Matrix E1XLS Elliptical Trainer

The E1XLS is a top made-in-the-USA elliptical trainer. Its five-year parts warranty beats that of many other commercial exercise machines. Its stride is ideal for a large number of users, and there’s plenty of programming to keep people engaged. This machine is priced well for the quality that it offers.

For another great commercial elliptical – but one with an adjustable stride – check out the Landice E9 ElliptiMill, which features a variable 17”-23” footpath.