Hudson Health Ellipticals

Hudson Health manufactures low-budget elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and other fitness equipment. The brand is managed by

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Hudson Fitness, a company based in New Jersey.

About the Hudson Health Elliptical Trainer

The Hudson Health elliptical is called the EL3300. It retails for about $800 and the manufacturer claims it can handle 20 hours of use per week. The 100-pound frame is metal, not plastic, yet we have little confidence in its ability to deliver $800 worth of high-quality workouts. They don’t even include a labor warranty. Hudson Fitness’s description of their elliptical trainer as “light commercial” is frankly puzzling.

And Now?

We review dozens of elliptical trainer brands much more favorably. The many options can be overwhelming, especially when companies like Hudson throw around the term “commercial” rather hap-hazardly. If you’re truly looking for a high-end (and expensive) product, start with Precor. Precor invented elliptical trainers and holds coveted patents. For the middle market and lower, NordicTrack and Sole are some good starting points.

Hudson EL3300 Elliptical Trainer

The Hudson EL3300 is a lesser-known elliptical machine in the sub-$1000 category. Made of plastic parts, the Hudson costs little up front but has a short 30-day labor warranty. Its ideal user would be a lightweight, petite woman. Most others would feel restricted and would quickly wear out the machine.

The Hudson EL3300 elliptical sells for about $800.

Elliptical Hits: Features of the Hudson EL3300 Elliptical

  • Upper body exercise – Movable handles help support a total body workout.
  • 18.5” stride The EL3300 has a short stride compared with more expensive ellipticals, but it beats the 14” and 16” strides of other cheap competitors. The taller the user, the more the stride will approach a climbing motion instead of a glide.
  • Heart rate monitor – An integrated contact heart rate monitor can be used in conjunction with heart rate control workout programs, which adjust automatically to keep people exercising at a certain exertion level.
  • Preset programs – Six preset programs support interval training, weight loss, and endurance goals. Heart rate control programs can be used with built-in grip monitors or a chest strap heart rate monitor, which is sold separately.

Elliptical Misses: How the Hudson is Substandard

  • Uncomfortable pedals – The pedals are fixed to one uncomfortable angle and are spaced too widely for ideal hip placement, especially for short users.
  • Little resistance – Eight resistance levels offer little challenge to more advanced exercisers.
  • Low capacity – The Hudson EL3300 is marked with a 250-pound user capacity but wobbles when used by people half that weight. The machine itself weighs just 100 pounds.
  • Poor warranty – Owners of Hudson’s residential elliptical get one year of protection on parts and 30 days of labor. Most budget elliptical brands offer a year of labor.
  • Battery powered – This machine does not plug into the wall. Figure the cost of batteries into your workout budget if you’re considering this elliptical.

Overall Rating for Hudson Elliptical Trainers

The EL3300 is not recommended; it has poor ergonomics and cheap components. For about the same price, Horizon Fitness and other brands offer budget-friendly ellipticals that are more reliable.