Helix Fitness Ellipticals

The Helix Company offers unique elliptical-style machines for residential and commercial use. Known as lateral trainers, these support 360 degrees of movement so that trainees can tone their inner and outer thighs. In contrast, the strides on elliptical trainers tend to focus only on the front and back muscles of legs. Residential versions of these revolutionary trainers sell for just $1399 online.

Features of Helix Elliptical Trainers

  • Compact size – These units are no larger than a treadmill machine. The residential Helix Lateral Trainer Aerobic Exercise Machine has a footprint of just 42” x 37”.
  • No built-in programming – These trainers operate in manual mode only. However, the user can adjust the machine’s direction and the location of its weight-bearing to recruit different muscle groups.
  • No upper body exercise – Unlike cross trainer ellipticals, lateral trainers by Helix do not have movable handlebars. An upper-body workout needs to be achieved separately.
  • So-so warranty – Residential customers get parts protection for two years. Labor is not included.

Overall Rating for Helix Elliptical Trainers

Is a Helix right for you? These are popular in clubs, but for a home’s single workout machine, it might not fit the bill. It depends on a customer’s expectations.

On the one hand, Helix lateral trainers are impressive for their figure-8 design. Their short but very flexible 12” stride provides an intense workout for the lower body – and especially in trouble spots. On the other hand, the stride is too short to let exercisers use the full range of motion associated with most elliptical trainers. Furthermore, Helix trainers lack the workout programming and audio entertainment features that are common on elliptical cross trainers in this price range.

If a traditional cross trainer is more your style, then check out brands such as Smooth and Precor to get an idea of available features. Many of their models include adjustable strides, inclines, advanced programming, and audiovisual entertainment options.