The Bremshey line of fitness equipment was first introduced to Europeans in 1973. Bremshey cross trainers are part of the middle to upper range of the home fitness market, and different models are designed for beginning athletes and those needing tougher challenges. The relatively simple machines are known for their user-friendliness. Exercise – not distracting entertainment – is a hallmark of this brand.

Who produces Bremshey ellipticals? Bremshey Sport is one of many fitness brands originally designed, developed, and manufactured by a German company known as Accell Group. Accell Group has historically produced Bremshey elliptical trainers, Tunturi ellipticals, and other fitness equipment at its facilities in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, and the Netherlands. However, in order to lower prices for the North American market, the company has recently moved production of Bremshey fitness products to China. Only time will tell whether the new production arrangement will yield the same high quality for which Bremshey has been known.

Brand Features of Bremshey Sport Ellipticals

  • Compact size – Bremshey Sport trainers are designed for easy portability. They are foldable, have transport wheels, and can easily be moved around the home or even taken to the office.
  • Easy assembly – While some cross trainers requires hours to assemble, Bremsheys require virtual no at-home assembly.
  • Front and rear drives — The entry-level Bremshey Ambition elliptical and the more complex Pacer and Control models are each available with a front or rear drive to suit customers’ workout preferences. The Bremshey Explorer, which is the top-of-the-line model, is available in front drive only. Front drive machines tend to feel more like stairclimbers while rear drive machines support a sensation that’s more like walking or jogging.
  • Various strides – The Ambition and Pacer cross trainers are offered with 16” strides. These strides may be too small for some users and could produce a “choppy” sensation, especially in the front drive models. Bremshey’s Control and Explorer ellipticals have 19” strides to provide more range of motion.
  • Program variety – Bremshey Sport ellipticals include a moderate to generous number of programs (10 to 22).
  • Heart rate monitor – Bremshey trainers are sold with ear clip monitors, wireless monitors, and grip pulse monitors.
  • Water bottle holders – The simple addition of a water bottle holder can help exercisers endure longer workouts.
  • Quiet operation – The magnetic brakes on Bremshey trainers promote quiet operation.
  • User capacity – 300 pounds
  • Warranty – Bremshey Sport ellipticals sold in North America after 2009 have five-year warranties on all parts.

Overall Rating for Bremshey Sport Ellipticals

Bremshey trainers have been known for their moderate to high quality thanks to German engineering and European manufacturing. Although the company has improved its warranty, customers might still be wary of the recent switch to Chinese outsourcing. Some machines to consider in the same price category as Bremshey ellipticals include those by Kettler and Smooth.

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