Bremshey Sport Pacer

Bremshey Sport, a division of Germany’s Accell Group, is a fitness equipment brand that’s manufactured in China. The Bremshey Pacer elliptical, like the Bremshey Ambition, is one of the brand’s simpler models. The rear drive versions have 16” stride lengths and the front drive versions have 19” strides. The machine operates quietly and can easily be transported thanks to retractable wheels and a battery-powered monitor.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get with Bremshey’s Pacer Cross Trainer

  • Compact size – The Bremshey Sport Pacer has a small footprint and is designed for easy portability. The full unit weighs 104 pounds.
  • Easy assembly – While some cross trainers require hours of in-home assembly, Bremsheys are nearly ready to use upon delivery.
  • Program variety – With 12 programs and the ability to add a user-designed workout, the Pacer offers a reasonable amount of variety – significantly more than the Bremshey Ambition.
  • Heart rate monitor – The Pacer is sold with an ear clip monitor to help exercisers maintain a healthy heart rate during workouts. This is a useful feature, but some people experience ear clips as awkward. Other machines monitor the heart via pulse grips or wireless devices.
  • Quiet operation – The magnetic brakes on Bremshey trainers promote quiet operation.
  • User capacity — 264 pounds
  • Warranty – Bremshey Sport ellipticals sold in North America after 2009 have five-year warranties on all parts. At least one year of labor is included.

Elliptical Misses of the Bremshey Pacer

  • Very basic – Many brands offer elliptical trainers at similar price points but include more enticing features such as variable strides, virtual personal training, and iPod ports.
  • Resistance – The 16 resistance levels on the Pacer are an improvement over the 8 levels on the Ambition, but still they are most appropriate for beginning exercisers and elderly users.

Overall Rating for Bremshey Sport Pacer Ellipticals

This is an acceptable starter machine for people seeking light exercise. However, a number of brands offer more feature-rich elliptical trainers within the Bremshey Pacer’s price range. It would be worthwhile to check out competitors such as Smooth, Precor, and Kettler. Potential customers might also be interested in Bremshey’s top-of-the-line model, the Explorer elliptical.