Body Solid, an Illinois-based company, targets the middle range of the fitness market. The company manufactures and distributes elliptical trainers, multi-station gyms, and other fitness equipment for home and commercial use. Body Solid gym equipment has received numerous “best buy” awards from consumer groups.

Brand features of Body Solid Ellipticals

Here are some basics about Body Solid ellipticals:

  • Various strides available Body Solid gets it right with the E400’s range of motion: the machine can be adjusted for strides of 17” – 23”. The E5 Electronic Elliptical, however, has a maximum 16” stride. That’s fine for shorter users, but it inhibits the range of motion for taller users. Just about any user can attain a natural stride on the E300, which has a fixed stride of 21”.

  • Heart rate programs – Some Body Solid models, such as the E5 Electronic Elliptical and the E7HRC, feature exercise programs that are actually regulated by the individual user’s heart rate. This helps the machines to offer maximally effective cardiovascular workouts.

  • Resistance levels – Some Body Solid elliptical trainers, including the E7 and E7HRC, have 20 resistance levels. The E5 has 16 resistance levels.
  • Upper body exercise – “SynchroStride” handles are ergonomically designed to provide upper arm workouts.
  • Low step-up – The exercise surface of Body Solid ellipticals is relatively close to the ground.
  • Space efficiency – Body Solid ellipticals take up less space than their competitors, but they remain stable. Even the entry-level E300 elliptical trainer can support 300 pounds without rocking.
  • Great warranty – Body Solid stands behind its products with an in-home labor warranty. The Endurance product line gets a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years on parts, and a year of in-home labor.

Overall Rating for Body Solid Ellipticals

Body Solid products are well-made and can be expected to endure. However, the 15-pound flywheel on some models is a cause for concern; machines with heavier flywheels generally offer smoother workouts. Also, since the stride lengths vary on Body Solid trainers, be sure to choose a model that has an adjustable stride or otherwise fits your needs. People of average height generally have 18”-21” strides, and small adults might have 16” strides.

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