Bodyguard elliptical trainers are manufactured by Bodyguard Fitness, a Canadian company with headquarters in Quebec. The company has earned consistently high praise for its fitness equipment and recently received three Best Buy awards from Consumer Reports.

Bodyguard ellipticals are high-end products with excellent ergonomics, many program options, and great warranties.

Brand Features of Bodyguard Ellipticals

  • Great stride – Bodyguard ellipticals have excellent ergonomics. This is due partly to their heavy flywheels and partly to their pedals, which are narrowly spaced and can be angled in three positions. Bodyguards also have adjustable stride lengths (18.5” and 21”).
  • Stability – Bodyguard ellipticals are made of solid steel and weigh 280 pounds or more. They have user capacities of 350 pounds.
  • Programs – These cross trainers are loaded with 20+ programs and may also include X-Card technology. X-Cards are highly personalizable programs that focus on weight loss, sports training, and other fitness goals.
  • Extras – All Bodyguard consoles are tiltable to accommodate users of different heights. Standard features on some models include heart rate control, a reading rack, a drink holder, and a fitness test.
  • Excellent warranty – Buyers get a lifetime warranty on the frame, ten years on parts, and three years on labor.

Overall Rating for Bodyguard Ellipticals

Bodyguard cross trainers are absolutely recommended to people seeking a high-end, low-impact exercise machine. They’re sturdy, have excellent ergonomics, and let users benefit from a virtual physical trainer. This is topped off with an above-average standard warranty.

The only drawback is the ellipticals’ unattractive color. Called “sand”, it’s reminiscent of a dull brown filing cabinet from the 1980s. In some homes, it could look retro in a stylish way. In others, it would be more of an eyesore.

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Bodyguard E390X
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Bodyguard E230X
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