The BodyCraft name is best known for full home gyms and free weights rather than elliptical trainers. The company manufactured ellipticals for a few years, but all models have now been discontinued. Discontinued BodyCraft ellipticals include the ECT-2100 and the ECT-2500. They are basic cross trainers but stand out for their strong resistance.

Brand Features of BodyCraft Ellipticals

  • Lower price –BodyCraft trainers originally sold for about $1200-$1500 and are now sold for less than their MSRPs.


  • Short stride –Because these machines have short strides, BodyCraft ellipticals can only be recommended to shorter people. The strides adjust from 14” to 16”, so shorter individuals can choose between stairclimbing motions and a fuller stride.
  • Adjustable pedals – This is a nice feature that’s normally reserved for pricier cross trainers. It enables exercisers to rotate their ankles more naturally than they could with fixed pedals.
  • Few programs – When it comes to programming, these machines disappoint. BodyCraft’s best elliptical trainer, the ECT-2500, only has 6 programs. Other budget ellipticals offer double or triple the variety.
  • Resistance – These are especially strong trainers and feature eddy current brake systems. The resistance is strong enough for any serious athlete who fits the 16” stride.
  • Heart rate monitors – Grip pulse monitors and/or wireless chest strap heart rate monitors are included with the ECT-2100 and ECT-2500.
  • Good warranty – BodyCraft’s residential ellipticals are sold with lifetime warranties on the frame, three years on parts, and a year of labor.

Overall Rating for BodyCraft Elliptical Trainers


BodyCraft ellipticals would receive a higher rating if 1) they had more programs, and 2) they weren’t discontinued. For many exercisers, the short stride would also be a drawback. While these machines aren’t bad, they probably aren’t worth an investment. BodyCraft has discontinued its ellipticals, so who knows if replacement parts will be available? Some better budget elliptical brands to consider are Schwinn, Smooth, and Spirit.

Image Model Rating Estimated Price
BodyCraft ECT-2500 Elliptical
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BodyCraft ECT-2100 Elliptical
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