Body Flex 1201 Marcy Elliptical Trainer

Body Flex, Inc. specializes in budget fitness equipment. The 1201 Marcy Elliptical Trainer is among its most inexpensive products. Selling for about $315 online, this unit isn’t as durable as pricier options. However, it can provide a convenient back-up exercise option on rainy days.

Elliptical Hits: Attractive Features of the Marcy Elliptical

Elliptical Misses: Why the Marcy Elliptical is Inexpensive

  • Compact design – While the compact design is an advantage to those with small living spaces, it’s a disadvantage for larger users. This elliptical is especially small and may wobble when used by anyone but petites and children.
  • Short stride – Since Body Flex does not publish the elliptical’s stride length, it’s likely very short.

Overall Rating for the Body Flex Marcy Elliptical Trainer

The 1201 Marcy Elliptical Trainer might catch attention for its low price, but it doesn’t provide very good value. Prospective customers should keep in mind that this product is made in China of inexpensive parts, so it’s not very durable. Furthermore, it doesn’t have good enough ergonomics to become part of a regular exercise routine. This is a fine option for occasional use but a serious elliptical exerciser should invest in a better unit.