BladeZ 7.5 Elliptical Trainer


The BladeZ 7.5 cross trainer is an upgrade to the simple 7.0. It offers double the resistance levels of the early model and adds six workout programs. Both ellipticals have 21” strides, a heavy flywheel, and movable handlebars.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the BladeZ 7.5 Elliptical Machine

  • Long stride – The 21” fixed strides on all ellipticals in this series are long enough to accommodate tall users. However, keep in mind that some cross trainers feature adjustable strides or inclines so that people can train their legs in different ways.
  • Upper body workout – The handlebars can be kept stationary or can be moved to increase calorie expenditure and help tone the upper body.
  • Heart rate monitor – BladeZ ellipticals have contact heart rate monitors.
  • OK warranty – The BladeZ 7.5 warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame, three years on parts, and a year of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Why to Pass Up the BladeZ 7.5

  • Few preset programs – This machine includes six workouts. These can be combined with 16 resistance levels. For a similar cross trainer with double the programming, see the Yowza Sanibel.

Overall Rating for the BladeZ 7.5 Elliptical Trainer

This machine is a noticeable improvement over the 7.0. If the price is right and six programs will satisfy, this could be the machine for you. For a step up that offers distraction, see the 7.9E. The E is for entertainment: it has a 7” LCD, is cable-ready, and plays DVDs.