BH Fitness XS8 Elliptical


The XS8 is BH Fitness’s top elliptical trainer. One of its standout features is its environmentally-conscious design: rather than drawing from the power grid, it has a self-generating power system. Other than that, the XS8 is essentially the same as the lower-priced XS5. Some other attractions include a 375-pound user capacity, a 20” stride, and upper-body resistance.

Elliptical Hits: What’s Right about the XS8 Elliptical Trainer

  • Energy-saving – Since the XS8 doesn’t require electricity, it can be used anywhere in the home and won’t raise utility bills.
  • Heavy flywheel – The 24-pound flywheel on this cross trainer provides good resistance and a smooth ride.
  • Sturdy build – The steel-framed XS8 weighs 235 pounds and has a 375-pound user capacity.
  • Long strides – To support full muscle extension, the XS8 has a long 20” stride.
  • Adjustable pedal width – The unique design of BH Fitness ellipticals lets users adjust the space between pedals for the most natural stride possible. The pedals are also extra-large and cushioned for comfort.
  • Upperbody workout – Adjustable resistance in the handlebars lets users get a full body workout, exercising their upper and lower bodies at once.
  • Extras – Convenient extras include a reading rack, a bottle holder, and an optional wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Good warranties – BH Fitness’s XS8 cross trainers are sold with lifetime warranties on the frame and generator, five years on parts, and a year of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Where BH Went Wrong

  • Average programming – With just 12 programs and 16 resistance levels, BH Fitness doesn’t stand out for its workout options. The machine has standard manual, heart rate, and weight loss programs.

Overall Rating for the BH Fitness XS8 Elliptical


The XS8 has a nice combination of superior ergonomics and convenient extras. However, it’s low on programming and doesn’t offer audio and visual entertainment like some other elliptical brands. If these factors aren’t a concern, then the BH Fitness XS8 elliptical might be a good buy. For ellipticals with plenty of program options, check out brands like Landice, Sole, and NordicTrack.