Best Fitness E1 Center Drive Elliptical

Best Fitness ellipticals are affiliated with Body Solid, a US-based brand that has received numerous “Best Buy” awards from consumer groups. The Best Fitness Center Drive Elliptical or BFE1 is also met with positive reviews. For an MSRP of about $1500, customers can get a compact yet sturdy elliptical trainer with great ergonomics and a good enough warranty. This machine can sometimes be found on eBay for $1100 to $1400.

Elliptical Hits: Nice Features of the Best Fitness BFE1 Elliptical

  • Natural stride This home elliptical is compact, yet it boasts a long 21” stride. Its center drive design, which is relatively rare, helps promote a comfortable upright position during exercise. Furthermore, the pedals on the BFE1 are narrowly spaced to support natural hip alignment.
  • Built-in programs – This machine includes 12 preset programs plus a manual mode to support a varied home exercise regime.
  • Resistance levels – This machine provides a good challenge with 17 levels of resistance.
  • Upper body exercise – “SynchroStride” handles are ergonomically designed to provide upper arm workouts.
  • Low step-up – The exercise surface is close to the ground. A low step-up is important for people with sensitive knees.
  • Space efficiency – This folding unit takes up less space than its competitors, yet it has a low enough center of gravity to prevent rocking. It has a user weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Overall Rating for the Best Fitness Center Drive Elliptical

The BFE1 or Best Fitness Center Drive Elliptical is a good contender in the $1000-$1500 price range. It has good ergonomics – even for tall users – yet it’s designed to take up little space. With 12 preset programs and 17 resistance levels, this elliptical can provide most people with a good cardiovascular challenge.

For a more advanced workout, check out machines with adjustable

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strides or inclines. These let people take shorter or longer strides to target different muscle groups. The Sole E55, for one, has an adjustable incline, an MP3 player port, and a higher weight capacity than the Best Fitness BFE1.