Advanced Fitness Group (AFG) Ellipticals

AFG AE Dual Action Ellipticals are now on sale at Amazon

AFG, or Advanced Fitness Group, is a spinoff of Johnson Health Tech’s Horizon Fitness. Johnson Health Tech, which is based in Wisconsin, is a Chinese-owned company and the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of fitness equipment. The AFG subsidiary builds four elliptical trainers: the 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 14.0 models.

Brand Features of AFG Ellipticals

Some features common to all AFG elliptical machines include:

  • Heavy flywheels – An elliptical machine’s degree of smooth motion is determined partly by the weight of its flywheel: the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the machine. Ranging from 14.5 to 23 pounds, AFG flywheels are relatively heavy.
  • Long stride The 20” strides on all AFG elliptical models let exercisers use their full range of motion.
  • Lower pedal height – Compared with other elliptical trainers, the AFG models let users exercise closer to the ground.
  • Pivoting footpads – Unlike rigid pedals, pivoting footpads on AFG machines let exercisers use a natural range of motion.
  • Upper body exercise – The machines’ handlebars give users the option of exercising their arms and legs at the same time.
  • Strong warranty – AFG ellipticals are sold with lifetime warranties on the frames and brakes and one year of labor. Depending on the model, 3-5 years are covered on the incline motor and other parts.

AFG AE Dual Action Ellipticals are now on sale at Amazon

Overall Rating for AFG Ellipticals

Having been launched in 2009, AFG is a young subsidiary company. Its track record has yet to be determined. Fitness experts suggest that Johnson Health Tech established AFG as a replacement for the Horizon line, whose ellipticals received poor reviews. The new machines appear to provide good value at a medium price, but only time will tell.